Six Flags Magic Mountain announces “Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom”

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In 2012, Six Flags Magic Mountain will add yet another world class thrill ride: Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom. Built on either side of the recently remodeled Superman: Escape from Krypton, these pair of drop towers will rise 400 feet, before dropping people back to earth while reaching speeds of 85 mph, making it both the tallest and fastest drop tower on the planet.

From the press release:

Fearless riders will be seated inside floorless gondolas on two vertical tracks flanking each side of the SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton tower. Passengers on the gondolas will be pulled to the top of the tower, experience a brief pause before being released and dropped at speeds of up to 85 miles-per-hour. After five seconds of freefall, the gondola will be stopped by a sophisticated magnetic braking system just a few feet from the ground.

“Six Flags is known world-wide as the industry leader in delivering world-class thrills, and
Six Flags Magic Mountain is proud to be at the head of the pack, offering guests the biggest and the best,” said Bonnie Rabjohn, Six Flags Magic Mountain Park President. “We are excited to add another world record to our collection of record-breaking, first-on-the-planet attractions.”

Changing Magic Mountain’s legendary skyline, LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom will offer riders breathtaking panoramic views as they are lifted to the top of the tallest vertical drop ride ever built. Sitting eight abreast, riders will plummet 40 stories at an extreme speed before coming to a stop, all while the SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton cars are blasted to the top of the same structure.

LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom is being manufactured exclusively for Six Flags Magic Mountain by Intamin AG of Switzerland.

Initial 2012 Thoughts:

Nothing to complain about here; this ride is going to be spectacular.  Imagine the launch on Xcelerator except vertical.  Essientally that is what Drop of Doom will be in terms of speed.  Plus, at 400 feet, the view is going to be spectacular.  Certainly going to be a great addition to the park for 2012, as it is always nice for the Magic Mountain to get some more (and much needed) flat rides.

Green Lantern: First Flight opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Green Lantern: First Flight is now open at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Image by

The country’s first Intamin ZacSpin, Green Lantern: First Flight coaster is now at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California.  As the 18th coaster (and the 2nd coaster added this year), Six Flags Magic Mountain now re-claims the title as “Coaster Capital of the World” with the most roller coasters in any amusement park on the planet.  Green Lantern: First Flight also marks the opening of the newly redone DC Universe area featuring a variety of rides themed around famous DC Comics characters.

Green Lantern: First Flight features a 107′ lift, over 800 feet of track, and a mild 37 mph top speed; the thrill, however, comes from the cars spinning independently as it winds through it’s vertical track.  The amount of spinning riders experience is variant on the weight distribution meaning the ach ride could be completely different, a plus for re-riding.  The ride also features some welcomed theming including various comic-book style cut outs, model jet fighters, a hangar themed station, as well as plenty of shade and landscaping for the long waits.  Of course the icon of the ride is the very cool looking Green Lantern symbol on the side of the ride’s structure.

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Is Green Lantern: First Flight an end-all-be-all coaster? Absolutely not.  However it is a welcomed coaster that serves a “supporting role” well in a theme park.  Something that isn’t necessarily meant to be the best ride in the park, but rather a coaster that will occupy one’s day and give them a nice, quick thrill.  Even more so, I hope that in Magic Mountain bringing this coaster to the Untied States will spark more interest in smaller parks to add these Intamin ZacSpins which provide a great thrill in a very compact area, for an affordable (coaster-wise) price.

Although I do not know when my next visit to the Magic Mountain will be, I can say that I am looking forward to experiencing Green Lantern: First Flight in the near future.  All images in this post are brought to you by our friend,, and the video below is from ThemeParkTourist YouTube Channel.

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Have you had the chance to ride it yet? Will you ride it this summer? Do you want to ride an Intamin ZacSpin? Leave a comment with your Park Thoughts below.

Tatsu (Six Flags Magic Mountain) Review

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Looming high among the Six Flags Magic Mountain skyline is a soaring beast beckoning your name.  Tatsu, Japanese for Dragon, is a monster that sends thousands of guest daily on the ride of their life.  It flew its way into the massive park in 2006 and has been one of the most popular coasters ever since.  Built by Bolliger & Mabillard, who is known for the flying coaster style ride such as the Superman Ultimate Flights (various Six Flags Parks) and their latest, Manta (Sea World Orlando), Tatsu still remains the tallest, fastest, and arguably the scariest flying coaster in the world.  Unlike any other coaster, Tatsu takes you high above the trees and flings you around the sky on your journey, creating a one of a kind experience.  This beast of a coaster remains one of the best in the west and is not one to be fooled around with!


Source: Theme Park Review

Source: Theme Park Review

 The ride begins with a 160 foot climb to the top of the lift.  This creates a lot of suspense as you slowly rise to the top unaware of where it ends.  Your head is facing straight towards the ground and looking at spectators below gazing at how crazy riders are for taking on the challenge of the beast.  Once you reach the top of the lift the fun begins; you spiral down a 111 foot drop, just missing the trees beneath you.  You are whipped into a powerful 103 foot tall corkscrew with plenty of G-Forces keeping you pressed against you harness.  Then you soar pass the trees underneath you and get a view of the entrance before being pulled back up again by the beast into 96 foot tall zero g roll before plummeting to the ground only to be shot upwards.  An egg turn sends you facing the heavens before the most powerful, and unexpected part of the ride, a quick over bank style turn.    You creep upward before heading face first to the ground in a unique Pretzel Loop before your back being pressed against the seat and rising back towards the top.  Finally your journey concludes with a inline twist and 270 degree turn over the main entrance into the brake run.  


Source: Roller Coaster Data Base

Source: Roller Coaster Data Base

The ride itself is really quite intense.  It pulls some great G-Forces and some really unexpected feelings.  In the begging, the drop begins with a bang; it throws you against your harness and makes you feel as if you will fly out of your seat to the ground.  The first half is fairly easy and is more of a flying sensation due to the lack of G-Forces compared to the rest of the ride.  The corkscrew goes through nice and swiftly  in a smooth transition.  The Zero-G roll is great fun because it sends you down just a few feet from the ground.

From here on out, the coaster is total madness.  The egg turns makes you lose sense of everything; first you are feet from the ground then you are being rocketed skyward!  After this the overbank turn too the pretzel loop is a very pleasant, surprise.  Not only does it come out of no where, but it pulls some of the most powerful G-Forces in the entire ride. 

Finally, the grand daddy of all the elements, the Pretzel loop.  It begins with a relatively slower climb to the top of the inverted loop before you lose your sanity.  Once you begin to drop downward, your body goes from being pused against your harness, to be pushed against your seat, so quickly that it provides the hardest G-Forces on the ride.  When you are going down you can see the other cars however since your head is going into the ground, your mind freaks out and sends you into a whole new adrenline rush.  The rise back to the top is not the end to this though as you are whipped out of the element with yet more G-Forces.  This is, by far, my favorite element of all time.

The finale is pretty basic and calm.  An inline twist and a turn around the park entrance gives great views and is a great conclusion to the ride.  It goes into the brake run that doesn’t slow you down at all, and dips into the final brake run.

Only problems with the ride is that usually it doesn’t utilize the dual station technology by only using one side.  Therefore you are left on the track for a long time with your body dangling out of the seat and onto the over the shoulder strap.

Even with that small flaw, this ride is flat out amazing!  Truly a one of a kind experience.  Six Flags did a great job of using the high terrain of Six Flags Magic Mountain to their advantage.  Is it my favorite ride?  I am not sure but it is definitely in my top 3!  I recommend anyone to brave it and ride this beast, that can only be called Tatsu.


Source: Roller Coaster Pro

Source: Roller Coaster Pro