Interview with Ed Hart of the Kentucky Kingdom Redevelopment Group


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We were privileged to be one of the first to talk to Ed Hart, the leader of the Kentucky Kingdom Redevelopment Group. The group is the new operator of Kentucky Kingdom, the park in Louisville, KY that was closed down by Six Flags earlier this year. Ed was a key player in the 1989 revival of Kentucky Kingdom, and led the park to having more than 1.3 million visitors his last year in control in 1997.

You can find the Kentucky Kingdom Redevelopment Group on Facebook, Twitter, or their website.

Some new details from the interview:

  • The park will reopen in 2012, if the group can get all the proper funding.
  • The new roller coaster will be built by Bolliger & Mabillard (exact details such as type will be announced later).
  • The water park will be doubled in size.
  • A dedicated parking lot for the park will be built that will feature free parking.
  • Prices of food will be priced competitively with outside food vendors to keep guests in the park.

Listen to the interview below or download it.

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  • Egypt2112

    “The new roller coaster will be built by Bolliger & Mabillard (exact details such as type will be announced later).”

    This is really great news!!! Honestly, I would have been fine if they got and X-Coaster like at Magic Springs. But now that they, at least will try, will try to get a B&M means they could bump the park on the map! Now, if it’s a Chang replica, I’ll be disappointed, I want to see something new.

    But, really great news!

    And keeping the food prices the same prices as the outside area of the park is really smart. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left SF Great America to go to Burger King, or Jersey Mikes *pukes* because I wasn’t into the 8 dollar pizza sold at the park. The free parking sounds nice too, tough competition with Holiday World!

  • Pudge701

    anyone see the led zepplin coaster from the hard rock park coming to kentucky? i bet mr. hart could get it at a pretty good price!

  • Jack

    Please don’t make it a flyer. While the general public thinks they’re “neat” at first (until they ride it), coaster enthusiasts know they’re very uncomfortable (the restraints, body position, and the pretzel loop) and boring. Similar can be said about stand ups. And inverteds are great, but there are just too many of them. That, and unless you sit in the front row of an invert, they’re fairly boring because you can’t see anything but the row in front of you.

    You simply can’t go wrong with a hyper, regardless of how close another one is. It’s something enthusiasts like, yet older folks can ride it without getting sick. The same could probably be said for a dive machine as well. If those two are definately out, a floorless or wing rider would be the next best choices.

  • Justice

    I would easily rank Tatsu as one of the best coasters on the West Coast. Manta has got nothing but rave reviews. I’d think that a Flyer would be a great addition to Kentucky Kingdom. Something like Starry Night Ripper, or perhaps even Manta would be very good for the park.

  • Berlinboy101

    How is parking going to be free when the parking lot is owned by the Kentucky Fair Board?

  • Doug Sisk

    A new parking lot will be built near where Chang used to be. That land is not owned by the Kentucky Fair Board, therefore they have complete control over the lot.