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Marvel Superhero Theme Park planned for Dubai

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Dubai seems to be a hot topic for theme parks these days. Many parks are being planned to open sometime between 2011-2016. Al Ahli Group has teamed up with Marvel to create the ultimate theme park. Everything will be about superheros, including Iron Man and Spiderman. The one billion dollar theme park is set to open in 2012 hosting 4...

Busch Entertainment has Finally Sealed the Deal

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Busch Entertainment

After lots of effort, today marked the closing and final day of the transfer from Busch Entertainment formerly run by InBev, to the new owners, Blackstone.  The company also debuted a new name and official logo.  What you are looking at above is the logo for the new theme park chain, Sea World Parks & Entertainment, a fitting umbrella name...

Construction at the Magic Mountain

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Picture by metrock of

Picture by metrock of

Six Flags Magic Mountain recently announced that they will indeed be creating yet another roller coaster in 2010 following their success of Terminator.  The new attractions is described as family-oriented which is great for the park that is known for it’s thrills.  Luckily, this new offering is sure to offer some more fun for the family to...