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World of Color Opening Date Announced

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Disney’s California Adventure’s highly anticipated nighttime spectacular, Disney’s World of Color, has finally been giving an opening date. Disney Parks confirmed on their official blog yesterday that the multi-media show will debut on June 11th, 2010. Disney also stated that there would be cast member and annual pass holder previews prior to the opening date.

Disney’s World of Color will be...

Sky Rocket Construction Continues

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Kennywood continues to construction on Sky Rocket, the park’s launch into the 21st century of roller coasters.  After a very harsh winter, construction has finally resumed with plenty of supports rising out of the ground.  And recently, track has been put into place during the bunny hop portion of the ride.  Kennywood Connection has a great update on the ride.

Sky Rocket...

Eagle Fortress Closing Forever

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One of the top roller coasters on the planet, Eagle Fortress will be closing down forever. Located in one of South Korea’s most popular theme parks, Everland, Eagle Fortress is a Arrow Suspended coaster that opened in 1992. What made Eagle’s Fortress unique was it’s train conforming track that wined through the landscape only hopping over the tree line a...

Free Admission for Stranded Travelers

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Sea World Parks & Entertainment will be giving free one day tickets to all of the stranded passengers due to the Volcanic Ash cloud over the Atlantic.  For those unfamiliar with the event, a volcano in Iceland has been producing volcanic ash across the Atlantic creating a massive cloud.  This prevents planes from flying through them.  As a result, many...

A News Anchor that Couldn’t Handle Medusa

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NBC Bay Area does a series in the morning called ‘Bay’s Best’. And a few weeks ago, it was ‘Bay’s Best Roller Coaster’. Needless to say that numero uno was Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Included in the video package was the broadcaster taking a spin on the B&M Floorless coaster. Unfortunately, he wasn’t exactly able to handle what...

The New KidZville at California’s Great America

As part of the off season refurbishment, California’s Great America removed the Hanna Barbera characters from the KidZville section of the park.  Also, the attractions got a nice touch up so they would match the new for 2010 Planet Snoopy area.  The park really did a nice job of  applying the same nostalgic style to the characters the park invented...

Holiday World Prepares for Opening Day

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With just a few more weeks before the opening of Holiday World, the park is putting on the final details for excited guests.   2010 will bring Wildebeest, the world’s longest water coaster, new trains for the Voyage, and Real Country, a theater spectacular.

Holiday World, being big fans of going viral with various videos has posted several updates recently about them...