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Adventureland rises from the ashes…

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After a devastating fire burned down the entire left side of Main Street at Adventureland in Des Moines, Iowa, in February 2010, the park is already planning to have new buildings rise where the ashes were. has posted some pictures showing off how plans, and construction it seems, is starting.

The fire left a huge impact on the look of Main Street.

Plans are already underway for the new buildings.

We wish the best of luck to Adventureland, and we give them much praise for using money that could be used for new major attractions to make sure the park feels the same for everyone that has entered in the past, and in the future.

Drop Tower for Busch Gardens Williamsburg?

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According to a new article from a local news paper, Busch Gardens will be adding a huge 260 foot drop tower next year in the Germany section of the park. The new thrill ride is said to “easily eclispe the 205-foot peak of Griffon”. While this is no official source, it sounds like a pretty good possibility.

Unfortunately the article does not list an exact model. In fact, some of the examples given are contradicting of each other: Tower of Terror, Drop Zone, Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall, and Monte Zuma are all completely different drop towers, each from a different company. So it is difficult to say what kind of ride it will be however. Although, a balloon was lifted recently to see how high the ride will be meaning it does look like we will be seeing some sort of dark ride in the near future.

I do seem to remember reading an article about a new themed drop tower however, I believe it was much smaller and indoor. I wonder if that rumor developed into this new ride. Looks like we will just have to wait and see.

Captain EO Returns Over Seas

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After making his return to Disneyland in California, Michael Jackson will once again return to his former homes in Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris as Captain EO. The 3D musical adventure ran in each of the park’s for years before being replaced by Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (or MicroAdventure! in Tokyo Disneyland). With Michael Jackson’s popularity at an all time high, the two international resorts will be taking advantage by bringing back these two classic attractions.

In Tokyo Disneyland the date has been set for a July 1st opening and then a June 30, 2011 closing date. MicroAdventure will close May 10th. At Disneyland Paris, Honey, I Shrunk the Audience closes on May 3rd, and Captain EO reopens in June.

Creating Europe in the Air

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Busch Gardens Europe’s newest attraction, Europe in the Air will be a simulator style ride that will literally show guests Europe…from the air. Pretty basic concept, but the process that goes into making this all happen has been a long one for the team at Busch Gardens Europe. Today, the park posted a video showing you just how much work...

Announcing Six Flags Fun Finder iPhone App

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Six Flags announced their new Six Flags Fun Finder iPhone application which will enhance the guests experience.  This new program allows guests to check out the park with their GPS, get detailed information on each of the park’s attractions, a full events calender and much more.  Best part is, this new iPhone application is free and is available to all iPhone...

New OpenAire Creation: Jay Peak Indoor Water Park

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OpenAire, designer of many retractable roof systems, has announced they will be creating their biggest structure in North America at Jay Peak Vermont. Located inside will be a huge indoor water park. The retractable roof will allow for open air flow during the warmer summer months, and during the frigid winter months, guests can wear their bathing suits indoors to...