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Park Thoughts needs you!

Posted on September 29, 2010 in Park Thoughts Updates by

If you’ve noticed, we’ve been slowing down a bit here at Park Thoughts. We’ve all been quite busy working on other things, and we haven’t been able to, unfortunately, put up some posts here.

So… We need YOU!

We’re looking for guest posters, or even better, regular posters! If you want to send in a guest post, check out this page. If you want to join our team full-time, contact us. We’re also looking for folks that might want to be a part of a weekly or bi-weekly podcast. You must speak fluent English to join us at Park Thoughts. We can arrange free admission and media permissions for our full-time writers. Our #1 priority at Park Thoughts is great and accurate content. We’re willing to work to make sure we get it! Park Thoughts does not directly pay any team members.

Don’t hesitate! Please contact us and help make Park Thoughts truly the best Amusement Industry Blog around!

Doug S, Park Thoughts Founder

1scream, the parent company of Park Thoughts, is currently looking to acquire other Amusement Industry Blogs and merge them with Park Thoughts to help make Park Thoughts stronger. If you’re interested, you can contact 1scream at this email: contact [at] 1scream will reimburse acquired websites.

Haunted Hallowen at Hong Kong Disneyland

Posted on September 20, 2010 in Halloween by

Unlike other Disney Parks, Hong Kong Disneyland takes a unique approach on their Halloween events by striving for an older crowd who is willing to get scared.  This year is no different.  Under host, Maleficient, Main Street is haunted by masses of zombies wandering mindlessly.  In the center of the hub, is Maleficient in her dragon form; an ominous sight against the Sleeping Beauty Castle back drop.

As night falls, this year introduces Nightmare in the Sky, a pyrotechnic spectacular featuring world class projections, fire effects, fireworks, and even an apperance by Maleficent herself.  The 10 minutes spectacular occurs each night during Haunted Halloween running now through October 31st.

Returning classics also take over the park.  Glow in the Park parade will once again run down the parade route.  Main Street Haunted Hotel will opens its doors to guests, along with Demon Jungle, the paranormal forest.  Adventureland spirits come to life at Tribal Burrial Ground, and those brave enough can try their hand at Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, a haunting twist on the Disney park staple.  Also new for this year, is the Inferno Dance Party.

Hong Kong Disneyland continues to be one of the leading innovators for holidays at Disney Parks.  We have already seen some concepts applied into other Disney Parks such as Ghost Galaxy’s debut at Disneyland in California 2009.

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2011: Mach Tower & Much More

Posted on September 18, 2010 in News by

2011 will be a big year with lots of exciting new additions.  The park just announced the addition of Mach Tower, a 245 foot free fall tower, a completely redone Oktoberfest area, and Water Country will soon be home Vanishing Point, a 75 foot tall slide tower.  Along with this, the park also released info about what the park has in store for the 2012 year.

Oktoberfest will have an all new look in 2011. Along with a new attraction: the nearly 250' tall Mäch Tower

The biggest addition for 2011 will be Mäch Tower.  Reaching a height of 246 feet, and speeds of 60 mph the new addition will be part of an refurbished Oktoberfest.  A drop tower has been long rumored for Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  This announcement may come as no surprise to many.  However, the real suprise may be the announcement of refurbishment of Oktoberfest.  The park will be giving the 30 year old section of the park a complete refurbishment.  These new additions will make Oktoberfest a much improved area in the park.

Opening in 2011 at Water Country USA is Vanishing Point.

Water Country USA will be adding Vanishing Point, a new 4-slide, slide tower that rises 75 feet off the ground.  Busch Gardens describes the ride as being “pure liquid-adrenaline”.  Two of the slides will feature a box type compartment where guests step into before the floor being dropped out beneath them plummeting them through the twists of tubes before ending in the splash pool.  The other two however will be speed slides with a traditional drop but very high off of the ground.  Vanishing Point will be unique to Water Country USA and opens in 2011.

Perhaps the biggest announcement was the addition of a Multi-Launch coaster for 2012 that will feature many “firsts”.  The coaster sounds similar, if not identical to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s new roller coaster.  No details have been released on the coaster yet.

To see the official Busch Gardens Williamsburg announcement web page, click here.  The announcement video has been embedded below as well.


Busch Gardens Williamsburg has a bright future that makes the park look better and better ever year.  Congratulations to the park for winning ‘Most Beautiful Park’ for the 20th year in a row.  Check back for more updates about Busch Gardens Williamsburg, we’ll keep you posted.

Six Flags Great Adventure Announces The Green Lantern

Posted on September 16, 2010 in Updates by

After several months of waiting in agony, Great Adventure fans can know what exactly it is they’re receiving for the 2011 season – The Green Lantern.

The Green Lantern will open in the park’s Boardwalk section in 2011. The ride’s green and black paintjob will stand out from the parking lot – offering a more twisted look than the neighboring Kingda...

Poll Results: Character Battle

Posted on September 15, 2010 in Polls by

Which characters do you think are best implemented into the parks?  Sesame Street at Sea World Parks & Entertainment?  The Peanuts Gang at Cedar Fair parks?  Loony Toons at Six Flags?  While this was a relatively close vote, The Peanuts Gang – Cedar Fair won with 44% of the votes.  Sesame Street Friends – Sea World Parks & Entertainment came...

2010 Golden Tickets Recap: Best New Ride

Posted on September 14, 2010 in Thoughts, Updates by

Our first part of the series will be covering the coveted “Best New Ride” category. There were lots of new attractions this year. Cedar Fair drop down the Intimidator brothers at Kings Dominion and Carowinds, while Universal laid down the next generation of dark rides with Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Only one could win…

Winner – “Harry Potter and the Forbidden...

New Series: 2010 Golden Tickets Recap

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This evening at Busch Gardens Europe, this year’s Amusement Today Golden Ticket winners were announced. There were some shockers, and some that came as no surprise. Over the next week, we’ll take a look at some of the categories, their competitors, and you can get a chance to leave your thoughts on who should of won.

Check out all the listings...