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Buh Bye King Kahuna…

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After a freak accident last year, King Kahuna is on the market.  King Kahuna at Kennywood is a Huss Topspin that left about 40 riders stranded upsidedown in the summer of 2008.  This accident has caused alot of speculation but now the park has confirmed it by putting the ride on the market.  It comes as no surprise as the...

Artist Angle: Nickelodeon Universe

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Recently, while looking through some old trip reports on the Park Thoughts section of the RCTLounge forums, I found yet another incredible photo trip report from our master of photography/web designer Doug.  Earlier this year he attended Nickelodean Universe and captured the essence of the park with in his still images.

Nickelodean Universe opened last year, 2008, however its roots are...

Poll Results: What do you think of Intimidator 305?

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What do you think of Intimidator 305?

  • Amazing! Can't wait for it! (47%, 17 Votes)
  • Meh, Looks alright. (42%, 15 Votes)
  • Huge disappointment (11%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 36

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In this weeks poll we asked what you think about Intimidator 305, the new Intamin Giga Coaster at Kings Dominion.  Throughout the week the results generally remained the same, most people think the ride looks...

In a Galaxy Not So Far Away…

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…a new breed of attraction was born.  More then 20 years ago, Star Tours opened at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and brought a new kind of ride to the theme park industry called the “Motion Simulator.”  While several other parks and designers tried to copy this style attraction, there was never any quality ride built that was superior to the...

Busch Gardens Africa: Safari of Fun

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Yesterday, Busch Gardens Africa in Tamp Bay, Florida announced their new addition for 2010, Sesame Street’s Safari of Fun.  Opening in Spring of next year, this new land will be an excellent addition to the park.  Safari of Fun will replace the old and outdated Land of the Dragons and will insert familiar characters into the park that the little...

A Look Back: Jumbo Jet

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Jumbo Jet at the famed Coney Island is a nostalgic roller coaster that is now defunct.  However, this Schwarzkopf Jumbo Jet remains a very cool piece of roller coaster history in my mind.  The unique trains, layout and design make it so distinct and ever lasting in my mind.

What I find best about this version compared to the others...

Xcelerator (Knott’s Berry Farm) Review

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Are you ready to blast off in your 50s car ready for a thrill of your life?  Ready to hold on to the grab bar as you rocket from 0 – 80 mph in just 2.3 seconds?  I am lets ride!

Xcelerator is a high octane thrill ride that serves as the center piece of Knott’s Berry Farm’s thrill ride collection. ...