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The Dragon Unleashed

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Finally, after months of set backs the new Fantasmic Dragon is ready to debut.  Disney has released video of the incredible new dragon for Fantasmic!  This 40 feet animatronic (or is a puppetronic?  I am not sure) has been a major hassle for the designers at Disney.  The dragon, dubbed “Murphy” on several internet sites, was the focal point of the massive marketing campaign for the Summer Nightastic.  While Disney hasn’t released details on exactly how it broke, websites claim that while in rehearsal the computers crashed on Disney and they sent several people running to go shut off the valves that control the dragon, however by that time it was too late and collapsed on itself.  However it is designed to collapse to prevent injury on any other performers.  Finally Murphy has been through full run throughs and is almost ready to go!

So the big question is, Is Murphy worth the wait?  Is this new beast big enough to live up to its hype and long delays?  My answer in short, yes!  It looks spectacular and is a major addition to Fantasmic that looks incredibly good!  Great job to Disney and can’t wait to see this guy up and running.

Unfortunately Disney said that the dragon will not make his debut tonight, contrary to website predictions.  So we will just have to wait and see.

So what do you think?  Leave your park thoughts and coments?

Planet Snoopy Update

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Well it is official, Planet Snoopy has been announced for all 5 former Paramount Parks.  Each park has announced it on there website, besides Kings Island who announced, then removed it from their website a few days later.  So why is Cedar Fair spending all of this money on there parks to retheme large areas?  Royalty fees.

Nickelodeon Central and Hannah Barbera Land each hold massive Royalty fees so that the parks can incorporate their characters.  However since it is a tough time for theme parks, Cedar Fair decided to cut these two price tags out of their budget.  While it may be a good short term solution that will bring families into the park, in the long run, kids will associate Snoopy with the park that he is in, because Snoopy doesn’t exactly come one TV anymore.

Is this bad?  Perhaps.  I do feel Nickelodeon Characters are far more known with young children these days and several kids will think of Snoopy as a “new” character.  But honestly, I don’t understand why Cedar Fair doesn’t just do that.  Create their own small cast of characters that would not require any royalty fees and if well developed can be very relatable to children and introduced right away and be recognized.  Sx Flags Discovery Kingdom has done it with a number of their animals, Holiday World has done, and Tokyo DisneySea’s most popular character isn’t even from a Disney movie or show, he is a stuffed animal!

Well none the less, we will be seeing alot of construction in these parks as they remove, repaint, and build new items that will (hopefully) tie Planet Snoopy together as a cohesive land.

Leave your comments and park thoughts.

Cedar Point Hints for 2010

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Cedar Point has been having alot of fun with toying with their massive fan base.  It is probably very smart of them to do all these mind games as it throws all internet rumors off track.  Which has been done incredibly well, so lets see what the park has hinted over the past weeks and see what it might mean.

“Cedar Point is not building an S&S, a B&M, a Grav. Group, a Mack, or a Gerstlauer.”  This is probably the only helpful hint out of all of them.  The only major companies left are Great Coasters International (GCI), Vekoma, and Intamin.  The park has a terrific history with Intamin with most of there most recent coasters being Intamin’s so I feel it is most likely.

“Two down…one to go.”  So does this relate to announcements?  Recently Cedar Fair has announced 2 coasters, Intimidator and Intimidator 305, so does that mean that there will only be one more coaster for 2010 in all of Cedar Fair?  Perhaps it means there is a third Intimidator on its way to Cedar Point?  Or maybe I am totally off and this actually has no true meaning.

Cedar Point has also been toying heavily with the name “White Lightnin'” which was originally thought to be the name of the Intimidator coaster for Carowinds.  It appears that White Lightnin’ or whatever the name ends up being will have a hillbilly/western theme.  Rumors currently state it will be an Intamin log flume, how interesting is that?

What do you think the new Cedar Point addition will be?

Water Slide Stunt Duo

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So a few years ago while on YouTube I found an incredible pair of stuntmen.  However these were not your ordinary stunt junkies, these two did jumps, flips, and tricks on water slides!

These two are very brave and crazy for doing some of the tricks they do.  If you check out the video at 0:16, I have to say that...

The Outcast

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Among the several different B&M Flying coasters, one remains the most unique.  Air at Alton Towers in the United Kingdom is a very different kind of flying coasters.  Most of the flying coastesr we see are huge monsterous beasts that make there guests feel as if they are soaring high above the ground and structures below.  However Air is very...

Crossbow POV

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Crossbow at Bowcraft Playland in New Jersey is what I would call a very interesting coaster.  This Zierer custom coaster looks like a decent family coaster that would be an excellent addition for smaller theme parks with open space.  Crossbow winds through a few turns and curves and while not at a high speed it sure looks nicer then a...