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Bye Scooby! Welcome Snoopy!

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Recently, we have heard that Cedar Fair will adopt the “Peanuts” characters to replace the Nickelodeon theme. All will come in the 2010 season when Camp Snoopy opens at Carowinds, California’s Great America, Canada’s Wonderland, Kings Island, and Kings Dominion.

Confirmed yesterday, Kings Dominion and Canada’s Wonderland will be re-theming their Scooby Doo blaster dark rides with more “Peanuts” theme. Removing all the old decorations, and adding newer ones. Rumors also have it that all the other parks with the Scooby Doo ride will get their’s re-themed with Snoopy and all his friends, such as Carowinds.

Read some more about this topic here.

What are your thoughts on this re-theming? Did you want them to keep Nickelodeon? Post a comment below with your park thoughts! Thanks for reading!

50th Gift to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

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For the 2011 season,  Six Flags Inc. will add major attractions to most, maybe all, Six Flags parks. Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom’s has already been announced. Pretty good, worth taking out Chang for. Bonzai Beach will be the next expansion to the water park facility.

There have been no releases of what will become of Chang, rumors say a 2011 expansion to another park. Not much has been released on this project so far, so stay tuned!


Read more about the story here.

What are your thoughts about this removal and new addition? Worth it? Post a comment below with your park thoughts. Thanks for reading!

Knott’s Scary Farm Premiere Weekend

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Knott’s Scary Farm, has been a Southern California Staple for more then 35 years now.  Being the oldest Halloween Event of it’s kind it has set the bar for a new kind of annual event and some would even go as far as saying, Knott’s Scary Farm has popularized the entire holiday as well.

Knott’s Scary Farm is now in full swing with the monsters, ghouls and creeps crawling around the streets of the park.  This year’s event includes 13 mazes, 3 scare zones, and 6 shows.  Four new haunted houses have joined the line up: Terror of London, Lockdown: The Asylum, Uncle Bobo’s Big Top of the Bizarre in 3D, and Dia de los Muertos 3D.  Each has its own unique atmosphere and storyline. has great coverage of the opening night that you should really check out.  They have everything from the new mazes, to this years very lack luster “Hanging” show as well as some of the scare zones.

What really caught my attention was the detail found in the ‘Terror in London’ maze.  Above is a shot of the amazing lighting, and city scape the park achieved.  While it is really simple, it defenitely would have taken me a very long time to think about making an effect like this.  I would honestly like to see this maze become a permenant dark ride in some park as I just find it that entertaining.  The sets are well thought out and I can’t wait to find a video of it.

So does this year’s Haunt do it for you?  Leave your comments and park thoughts!  Thanks for reading.

Tornado for Hurricane Harbor (NJ) in 2010

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Six Flags Great Adventure announced that they will be adding a new slide to their increasingly popular water park.  Next year, the park will introduce Tonrado, a ProSlide Tornado model. 

The Tornado can be found at several other Six Flags chained water parks across the nation.  Riders enter 4 person rafts, and do a few turns before dropping into the...

Meet the Overlord!

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It appears we have a mascot for this years Halloween events at the Cedar Fair parks.  Meet the overlord!

He was already featured in Cedar Point’s commercial and is on nearly every billboard for all the Haunt adds across the nation.  So who is he?  The overlord of course!  The ruler of all monsters and scares.  He is the one that...

Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland

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TDR logo

Tokyo Disney Resort is known for its world class theme parks, and being the first Disney resort out side of the USA.  One thing most people do not know about Tokyo Disney is that it celebrates nearly every season with some sort of festivity.  Tokyo Disney Resort is no different.  Tokyo Disneyland has been celebrating Halloween for years now, and...

The Diobilcal Decade

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This year is Howl-O-Screams 10th year at Busch Gardens Africa.  And it is more terrifying then ever!  With lots of haunted houses, scare zones, and shows, it is shaping up to be a great year for Busch Garden’s Howl-O-Scream Halloween event.  The park recently released the official trailer for the events 10th anniversary.  Check it out:

Leave your comments and park...