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Poll Results: Halloween Events

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In this week’s poll we asked you if you would be attending a theme park Halloween event this year.  An overwhelming 71% of the voters said that they are, with 6 out of 19 people going to multiple events. Not even counting the 5 people who said “Maybe”

The Poll:

Will you be attending a theme park halloween event this year?

  • Yes, at several different parks! (17%,...

Halloween in Hong Kong Disneyland

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Dark forces have taken over Hong Kong Disneyand creating a Haunted Halloween!

Dark forces have taken over Hong Kong Disneyand creating a Haunted Halloween!

When you think of Halloween and Disney Parks, you may think of silly, trick or treating,  and very childish decor.  However, this is by no means the case at Hong Kong Disneyland.  The park has been taken over by dark forces that reak havoc all over the area.  Including...

Universal Studios Singapore Announces New Attractions

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Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Recently, the upcoming Univesral Studios Singapore park, announced 2 new areas.  Both based on hit Dreamworks Animation movies, both areas are sure to be a hit with the young and the young at heart.  Providing incredible theming, unique attractions, and high quality atmosphere, this park is shaping up to be the sleeper hit of 2010.  Lets take a...

Six Flags Great America to add Glow in the Park Parade

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Chicago’s local news paper recently announced that Six Flags Great America would be adding the Glow in the Park Parade for the 2010 season.  Taking an approach to please a wider, family audience, Glow in the Park Parade is sure to be a hit with the young and young at heart.  Incorporating more then 5 floats, over 60 performers, and...

Steel Venom! Hsssss….

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Steel Venom. When you look at it, it looks like your classic Intamin Invert Impulse coaster. But really, in some way it is, in some way it is not.

I decided to sit in the front, trying to get the best ride possible. The launch was pretty sweet, the wind, the speed and all that. But going up into the twisted...

Video of the Week: Katun POV

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eCoasters has taken their eCam on yet another incredible coaster.  Katun, a well themed B&M Inverted coaster, is a high speed thrill ride with several inversions, and a twisted, unique layout that cannot be found in any other amusement park in the world.  Katun features a massive loop and some nice scenery as well.

So what do you think of this...