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Six Flags Great America buys Kiddieland’s Little Dipper

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Kiddieland, a small town theme park for families, recently closed. Built 81 years ago, the park was doomed to shut down from the fall in the economy with the rise of the property value. Kiddieland planned on relocating, but that idea fell through. An auction was held to sell of the rides along with everything else that was left of the...

Whizzer – 33 Years and Still Running Strong

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Photo: Nathan Stark

Originally named Willard’s Whizzer, Whizzer is one of two Schwarzkopf Speed Racer’s left in the entire world. The spiral lift is unique to this ride. Featuring a slow ascent up in a circular motion, rather then a straight lift. Electric motors located in the middle of every cart, engage when a current collector hits an electric rail in...

Poll Results: Christmas Events

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Christmas events are quickly gaining popularity throughout the amusement industry, these events show parks in a whole new form, lit up and decorated for the holidays, and if done properly, can be one of the best times to visit a park, despite the cold weather.

So, in this week’s poll we asked you if you were planning on attending a Christmas or Holiday...

Intimidator 305 reaches its peak

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Last night, while most of us were sleeping, the construction crews at Kings Dominion were working harder than ever to top off Intimidator 305 before they break for Thanksgiving. At around 1 AM EST the final piece of the lift hill was bolted into place and the ride had finally reached its peak, 305 feet above Kings Dominion.


The view from the...

SeaWorld Aquatica Expansion for 2010

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Aquatica, a Sea World branded water park, which opened in 2008, is rated as one of the best water parks on the planet. It is located in Orlando, Florida, very close to Sea World Orlando.

Aquatica will add four first-of-a-kind water slides in 2010. Some including a pair of inner-tube rides that go uphill using new water slide technology, hydro-magnetic launches.


Chessington’s Wild Asia

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Wild Asia

Chessington’s World of Adventure announced the replacement for the beloved, Benoland, Wild Asia.  Opening in March of 2010, this new area is one of the most ambitious projects in the park’s history.  Surrounding the area will be lavish landscaping and scenery that will immerse you into the jungles of Asia.

Featuring a number of attractions, Wild Asia will be a thrilling...