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Quassy Coaster Construction Continues

Posted on November 8, 2010 in Updates by

In 2011, Quassy and Gravity Group will introduce Wooden Warrior, a family friendly Gravity Group coaster made for the bigger kids attending the park. ¬†Construction is well under way and we’ve just received images of progress as Wooden Coaster continues to rise from the dirt and emerge as Gravity Groups venture from thrills to tots with this smaller, much more...

Both Six Flags & Cedar Fair Perform well in Q3 2010

Posted on November 3, 2010 in News by

Both Six Flags and Cedar Fair are reporting financial improvements for Quarter 3 of 2010.

Six Flags is reporting an income of $475.6 million, a $25.7 million or 6% increase over last year third quarter. Profits between the beginning of the year and September 30, 2010 hit $854.1 million, a $56.3 million or 7% increase.

Cedar Fair is reporting net revenues of...

Cheetah Hunt: Early Impressions

Posted on November 1, 2010 in News, Thoughts by

After much anticipation, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay revealed their massive new addition for 2011, Cheetah Hunt. ¬†Custom designed for Busch Gardens Tampa, guests will get to experience, the grace, speed, and power of a Cheetah as it races across the African savannah for it’s prey. ¬†Featuring multiple LSM (linear syncronized motor) launches, nearly a miles worth of track, and one...