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Kings Island working hard on Planet Snoopy

Posted on March 1, 2010 in News by

With just a couple months left till opening day, Kings Island is working hard on transforming their Nickelodeon Universe themed area into the new for 2010 Planet Snoopy. It looks like almost everything is getting a fresh coat of paint from the rides to the gift shops. From the photos, it looks like “Runaway Reptar” is getting the same orange supports and...

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom is no more

Posted on February 4, 2010 in News by

Six Flags announced today that it would not continue it’s lease for Kentucky Kingdom from the Kentucky State Fair Board after they unsuccessfully tried to work out new agreements. So, basically this means that the park will no longer operate.

There were clear signs, mainly being the closing of a good portion of the park a couple years back and the removal of...

Intimidator completes first lap

Posted on in News by

Around 4:15 PM EST today Intimidator got the green flag and took its first test run with the train flying through the ride’s mile long track. While neither of the ride’s 2 trim brakes appeared to be on and the mid course brake run barley slowed down the ride, it’s pretty obvious that this ride will live up to its...

Shoot the Rapids goes vertical

Posted on in News by

After months of pretty much nothing interesting happening with Cedar Point’s 2010 addition, Shoot the Rapids, the crews finally started putting steel into place for the two hills. Despite no real news until now, the ride has made significant progress, a good amount of the water troughs are either done or currently being poured, what appears the be a maintenance building has been constructed, and it...

Introducing Mr. Six’s Dance Coaster

Posted on January 29, 2010 in News by

Six Flag’s Magic Mountain has finally unveiled their highly anticipated family coaster; Mr. Six’s Dance Coaster.  The Vekoma Roller Skater is making its journey from its former Jazzland home in New Orleans to Valencia, California, to please hundreds of little thrill seekers.  Topping off at just 28 feet, the ride seems to be an excellent addition to the park with its...

Track finally arrives for Kennywood’s Sky Rocket

Posted on January 26, 2010 in News by

After month’s of wondering “what’s going on with Kennywood’s new ride?” we finally have an update. Two pieces of track arrived for the park’s Premier LSM launch coaster “Sky Rocket” on Friday.  The track is the standard thin track used on most of Priemer’s more recent rides such as Round About at Freestyle Music Park and the Backlot Stunt Coasters. At this...