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Six Flags over Georgia Flooded

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Rivers outside of Six Flags Over Georgia have risen and have flooded Six Flags over Georgia in Austell, Georgia Monday. Half the park remains underwater and plans on opening Saturday, a week before the Fright Fest season starts.


Great American Scream Machine remains under water after Monday’s flood. If this part of the park is still under water, it will remain...

HalloWeekends is Emerging from the Darkness

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Cedar Point‘s popular Halloween Event, HalloWeekends is celebrating its 13th year of horrors.  This year will bring in two new haunted houses, new shows, and lots of thrills, chills, and spills. Cedar Point recently uploaded a terrific comercial for its HalloWeekends event.  It is dubbed as the Overlord hyping up all the monsters and several guests running trying to escape...

BREAKING: It’s Official, Chang is leaving Kentucky Kingdom

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After what many people thought were extremely far off, crazy rumors pointing to the removal of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom’s star coaster, Chang, it seems as if its actually real. Local news station WLKY has reported that removal of the B&M Stand-Up coaster will begin Monday.  In return for losing their flagship attraction, the park gets a water park expansion… yes, you read...

La Ronde’s Own SLC?

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La Ronde, a Six Flags owned park in Canada, has a fairly nice collection of coasters.  Their coaster collection includes everything from a B&M Hyper, to a Batman clone, as well as a Vekoma Boomerang.  However there is one unwelcomed addition that appears to be entering the park this year.  From Six Flags Astroworld which closed in 2006, what has...

In Video: The Coasters of Freestyle Music Park

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Freestyle Music Park isn’t really known for its coaster collection, but the 5 it does have all very solid attractions that everyone seems to really love. Here’s a video run-down of these coasters:


Let’s start with Hang Ten, Freestyle Music Park’s Vekoma kiddie coaster, it features some good themeing that make it look just like a coaster you would find on...

Vekoma Constructs Big Air Coaster

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For about 2 years now, Vekoma has been marketing their Big Air coaster.  Essientally it is a massive half pipe and the cars rotate so you can drop backwards or forwards.  The ride is being built in a new park, under construction in Tawian. E-DA World, the name of the theme park, seems to focus heavily on architecture which is...