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California’s Great America planning new attraction!

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With Demon Drop moving to Knott’s Berry Farm, there wasn’t much room to place it. What have they come up with?


To remove the Screamin’ Swing. Now there are bigger version of this ride at Valleyfair, Cedar Point and Liseberg, but those you can ride for free. This smaller version located at Knott’s Berry Farm can be ridden with a little...

Demon Drop Relocation + Review

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The world has been seeing the first generation Intamin free-fall towers come down one, by one, by one. Many rumors suspecting that Demon Drop, the only standing 1st generation Intamin free-fall in all of North America, would come down soon. Six Flags Magic Moutain was the last park to take down its’ aging drop tower last year, in 2008.  Now...

Spongebob Squarepants, Rock Bottom Plunge

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If you cannot tell from the title, the next roller coaster review will be the one and only, SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge! The roller coaster’s name was inspired by the Sponge Bob episode when Patrick and SpongeBob fall to “Rock Bottom.” It was a very nice connection, instead of just using a bland name. Also, it is one of...

Toy Story Mania and More in 2012…

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Tokyo DisneySea continues to offer world class attractions since its grand opening in September in 2001.  And as more news continues to come in, the future looks promosing for this spectacular theme park.  With some very likely rumors, as well as a few announcements, take a look to see what the park has in store for 2012.

Toy Story Mania! is coming to Tokyo DisneySea in 2012

First to join the...

Cedar Point employee arrested!

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On Wenesday, September 30th, a Cedar Point park employee allegedly raped a co-worker of this Sandusky park. The incident happened on the Cedar Point property in a housing facility. The 21 year old was sent to the Erie County Jail where he will have to pay a bond of $25,000!

Read more about the story here.

I am not sure what to...

Woman finally suing Kings Island!

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A Kings Island trial will be held on Thursday, October 15th for an incident that happened on Son of Beast. The weird part is, it was from 2006! She claims to have the need for hip replacements every  couple of years and wants Kings Island to pay all the fees and bills.

Their have been 5 other cases on the same...

Orochi Turns into a Monster!

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Monster 2010

After that terrible accident and other financial problems at Expoland Theme Park in Asia, they were forced to shut down.  One of the park’s coasters, Orochi, is a clone of Cedar Point’s famous Raptor coaster.  When Expoland’s owners closed the park, they decided to sell off some of the park’s attractions; Orochi being one of them.  Well one man’s loss...