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GCI Terrain Coaster for China

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China seems to get all the fun stuff, first a new 4D Coaster, and now a huge GCI terrain coaster.  Yes, GCI made the big reveal today after playing mind games with the coaster enthusiast world.  Opening this season at Knight Valley in Shenzen, China will be an incredibly huge, terrain following wooden coaster.  Topping off at about 147 feet...

Wild Island Family Park

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In Memorial Day Weekend of 2009, I took a family trip to Reno, Nevada.  Like every other coaster enthusiast on this planet, I scrambled all the attraction-related brochures as I could during my visit.  Reno, is a beautiful, Casino town, almost a mini-Vegas, however there was no theme parks in the area.  While grabbing some brochures I got one called...

New 4D Coaster for Chinese Theme Park

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S&S Worldwide has unveiled plans to debut a new 4th Dimension coaster in China.  The one of a kind coaster style will open in Changzhou, China as part of the upcoming, Dinosaur Park.  This will be only the third time a 4th Dimension coaster has opened up in the world, with the other two being X2 in Six Flags Magic Mountain,...

Waldameer – Money = Wally Points?

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Waldameer will be introducing a unique cashless system in this upcoming 2010 season.  “Wally Points” will be the parks own currency, so paying for each ride will be completely different.  This new system will revolutionize how you pay for food, drinks, games, souvenirs, and rides.

At a cost of approximately $500,000 (thats a whole lot of Wally Points), the park manager...

Heroes Wanted! Legoland 2008 Brochure

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With lots of attention focused on the upcoming Legoland Florida. I think now is a good time to look back at Legoland California in Carlsbad, California (just north of San Diego). Here we have a brochure and park map directly from the park in 2008.

During this time, and even today, Legoland’s main campaign is “Heroes Wanted”.  A very fitting marketing...

Horrifying Updates

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Tis the season of horror as several theme parks have had some terrifying news lately.  And 2010 is already starting to feature some scary attractions.  Thorpe Park is opening a new year round horror house called Saw: Alive and Knott’s Scary Farm has already released information on their Halloween event.

In 2009, Thorpe Park unleased, Saw: the Ride.  But now they...

Year of the Tiger Celebration

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If you don’t know, tomorrow, February 14th, is Chinese New Year.  And in Hong Kong Disneyland, the celebration has just begun to honor Disney’s most recognizable tiger, Tigger!  The park is filled with luck as decorations flourish throughout the park. From now through February 28th, park goers will be immersed with a decorated Main Street, symbols of good luck around...