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Furius Baco Video

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Port Aventura is home to a very unique collection of rides, one of which is Furius Baco; and Intamin Wing Walker.  The coaster has trains in a fashion that puts riders over the side of the track and with their feet dangling below.  Furius Baco is currently the only one of it’s kind in the entire world.

Discovery Channel created a...

Universal Studios Sinagpore is Open!

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Yesterday was the official opening of Universal Studios Sinagpore.  The park welcomed a large crowd as they lined the walk ways excited to experience all the park has to offer.  Finally, after years of planning and construction, the park can finally let in it’s first guests.

The opening ceremony featured 18 dancing lions, Betty Boop, Frankenstein, and plenty of guests.  Guests were...

Th13teen Revealed

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A new video has surfaced on the internet of Th13teen, Alton Tower’s latest attraction.  The new family coaster will take guests in and around the grounds of a haunted dark castle.  Watch as a television host rides the well themed and unique coaster set to open in just a few weeks.

While I do not want to reveal any spoilers, the...

Jasmine’s Flying Carpets in 2011

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Tokyo DisneySea announced that they will be adding Jasmine’s Flying Carpets in 2011.  The ride will be part of the park’s 10th anniversary in 2011 and will go in the Arabian Coast section of the park, in front of the Magic Lamp theater.  Guests will be able to raise and lower their own individual carpet and also be able to tilt...

Universal Studios Singapore Prepares for Opening

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Universal Studios is preparing for tomorrow’s opening day.  And now more and more information is surfacing about the park.  However, no opening goes over well without problems as nearly every theme park enthusiast has learned over the years, and Universal Studios Sinapore is no different.

First off, the good news is that the park has been going through full previews lately...

Toverland Announces Scorpios

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The Scorpion (Scorpios) will be arriving to Toverland later this year along with several other new park improvements.  Scorpios will be a highly themed swinging ship that will take guests to the edge of the stars and back.  This along with many other atmosphere improvements will come later in 2010.

Guests will wind through the new dunes and hills of the...

Intimidator 305 Construction Continues

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For anyone who is familiar with our blog, you know that Ethan, one of our blog writers keeps on top of everything happening with Intimidator at Carowinds.  However, in King’s Dominion, is working hard at getting their new Intamin Giga-Coaster ready in time for the heavy summer crowds.

Behind the Thrills has a new update where they stopped by the park during...