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Cedar Point’s 2011 Attraction will ‘bring back memories’

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An update from Cedar Point published by the Sandusky Register has given another clue, along with an approximate announcement date, to Cedar Point’s new 2011 attraction. The new ride for 2011 will be announced in Mid-August.  “It’s going to bring back a lot of memories for people that follow Cedar Point,” said Dick Kinzel, Cedar Fair’s Chairman & CEO.

A look down...

Celebrate Independence Day at Alcatraz Island

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Today is a chance to celebrate America and all of it’s glory.  What better way to do it than a trip to Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, California.  This once maximum security prison closed its gates in 1962 and has now reopened to the public.  Deemed as ‘The Rock’ it is one of the Bay Area’s most popular tourist attractions...

CGA Update: July 2, 2010

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Independence Day is only a few days away, and Great America has become even more of a patriotic park.  4th of July themed banners, flags, and decor are now scattered throughout the park.  In addition, the park has been made even more beautiful with the flowers blooming making the park as colorful as I have ever seen it!  The gloomy...

Breaking in the New Camera!

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Recently, I got a new Canon Powershot SX20 IS. Just 2 days after buying it, I decided to test it out at California’s Great America. Not only does this camera take some great shots, but it also has great 720p HD video. For anyone looking to purchase a camera, I would highly recommend this as a great start up SLR...